This page is a Tribute to the Godfather of Hi-Fi SSB Audio,
Bill Salerno - W2ONV.

Bill is without a doubt, a true ICON in the history of Amateur Radio.
He could be heard worldwide, every morning on 14.178Mc
spreading his Good Will, and Countenance across the airways.
He always had a good word for those he talked to,
and was very slow to be provoked into anger.
All of us can only Hope to have a persona as good and dynamic as his.

Bill's beautiful 'Delta Tones' have unfortunately left our airways
as He went Silent Key on Sunday, August 12, 2007.
He'd been fighting a disease called scleroderma for the past year.
You wouldn't have known it by talking to him, as He was always in good cheer.
That was his Character.
You will be severely missed Bill. No one will ever be able to fill your shoes.

Below are links to W2ONV's website, pictures, Audio Clips, and other links.

If anyone else has any other Audio Clips or Pictures of Bill,
Please feel free to email them to us.

- This is the original W2ONV, Bill Salerno website.

- This is a website made for W2ONV by Murph, WV4R

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Here's Bill Salerno, W2ONV!

The W2ONV Studio 'B'!

The Audio Station of W2ONV!

The W2ONV Studio 'A'!

The W2ONV 4-over-4!

Upclose 4-over-4!

Nice Mic!

W2ONV as a Boy!

The W2ONV 1971 World Wide DX Award!

The W2ONV 1968 World Wide DX Award!

The W2ONV 1949 DXCC #84 Award!

A Letter from the ARRL!

The W2ONV Fox5 Interview!

The W2ONV Fox5 Interview!

W2ONV with President Reagan!!

Here's a letter from the Iran Embassy in 1969!

W2ONV and Family!

W2ONV and his Wife Ann!

It's Bill and Ann!

W2ONV and his Wife!

Here's Bill Salerno, W2ONV and his Wife, Ann!

Bill and his Wife Ann!

Ann and Bill!

Here is Ann and Alexsis!

Here's Bill Salerno with Frank Sinatra!

Bill in the Navy!

W2onv on his Bike!

We all Love and Respect You Bill!!!

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